KP1400 - Check In/Out & House Rules


Thank you for booking with us. We are looking forward to your stay. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

CHECK IN (5:00PM-9:00PM): Please ring front doorbell upon arrival. Then we will send you the door codes that will work on side and back doors. Walk through whole house upon entering and let us know if you have any questions. Early Check In @ 1:00PM or 3:00PM can be requested upto 7 days prior to move in date for a pre-determined rate. Fee for late requests are increased by 50%. You are only eligible for Early Check In after verifying property availability, cleaning staff availability, early checkin fee payment, and owner approval.

HOUSE RULES: No smoking. No pets. No parties. No theft. No damages. No complaints. No unregistered guests.  Daily Quiet Hours 9:00PM to 9:00AM. If rules are broken, neighbors complain, police/fire dispatched, you could be subject to immediate eviction plus financial and legal penalties. Breaking rules could result in loss of deposit, additional cleaning fees, replacement/repair cost, loss of full cost of reservation, and reimbursement of owners legal fees.

KP1400 PARKING: Two off-street spots on North side of property just off 22nd Street.  Additional onstreet parking on North and West side of property. Do not park or block the neighbors driveways or the alley behind the house. 

KP1404 PARKING: Three off-street parking spots behind the property.  Main Avenue is a residential street so please be respectful of neighbors by not blocking driveways/alleys or making exits difficult from their driveways.  On street parking is available in front of 1400 South Main Ave, 1404 South Main Ave and preferably on 22nd Street which is much wider.

SECURITY SYSTEM: Security system control panel is located in kitchen on the shelf of the built in at top of stairs. Do not unplug or touch unless there is a medical, fire, or police emergency. First responders will be immediately be dispatched.

WIFI: Network and Password will be sent via text after check in.

TV & MUSIC:  Roku TV's will be in Guest Mode which will allow you to sign into your personal streaming accounts (Netflix, Hulu, Sling TV, Spotify, Pandora, Sirus XM, etc).  Live TV available via Roku Channel.  Local channels are (KELO-CBS, KSFY-ABC, KDLT-NBC, KTTW-FOX). Make sure to logout of your streaming accounts prior to checkout.

BATHROOMS: Full bathrooms near bedrooms and basement. Towels and toilet paper are located in drawers/cabinets inside and near bathrooms.

BEDROOMS: Extra linens, blankets, and pillows if needed are in bedroom closets.

LAUNDRY: Washer and dryer located in basement near bathroom.

DISHWASHER: We recommend only using gel not powder or gel packs in dishwasher for best results.

KITCHEN: Please be sure to clean and replace everything where you found it in cupboards and drawers. Please only use available plasticware for any outside dining. If you have extra sealed non-parishable food when leaving we will leave for future guests. Perishable sealed items will be donated to local homeless shelters.

BACKYARD PORCH: Enjoy the backyard and porch which includes Tivoli lighting, gas grill, tables, chairs, and hammock. Please respect neighbors and keep it quiet after 9:00PM.

GARBAGE/RECYCLING: Garbage is picked up every Wednesday. Recycling is picked up every other Wednesday. All recycling goes in one bin together. Yard Waste, If applicable to your property, is picked up every Wednesday Spring through Fall. Bins are located behind the house. You do not need to move bins they will be picked up in place.

GUEST DETAILS: We would like to have all adults 18 or over listed as guests that will be staying in the property. If you booked on behalf of someone else, please reply actual guests name and cell numbers.  





We hope you are enjoying your stay. Please let us know if you would like to extend your stay or need a late check out. We will do our best to accommodate your request pending room and cleaning staff availability. Checkout is at 11:00AM on your final day. Late checkout before 2:00PM will be billed as a half day and after 2:00PM a full day. We need to prepare for new guests by 5:00PM. Please perform the following steps prior to checkout:

1) Please hang dirty towels over closet door in your room.  Do not re-make the beds that guests slept in.  

2) Please take any opened or perishable items you brought with you.  If you would like to donate any extra food contact the Union Gospel Mission it is only a short drive away (701 E 8th St, Sioux Falls, SD 57103 tel 605 334 6732).  They are always appreciative of whatever you can give them.

3) Put all dishes in dishwasher that were used and start load.

4) Transfer any garbage from your room and bathroom to the garbage and recycling in the kitchen.  If kitchen bins are already full you can take out garbage/recycling to bins located behind both properties KP1400 and KP1404.

5) Straighten up property and common areas to leave things the way you found them.

6) Please place Roku TV remote on coffee table in front of TV where it is easy for cleaner to find.

7) Make sure lights, showers, and water faucets are off.

8) Please check the oven, stove, and grill are all cleaned up and turned off.

9) Check house one last time for your items. Don't forget to check under the bed.

10) Make sure to close/lock your room doors plus check all external doors/windows are closed/locked. 

11) Please send a message to let us know you are out of the property. Then most importantly have a great day, a safe trip home, and come again soon.