KP14820FS/SG - Pleasant Hills Farm FibreStream Trailer Farm Stay


Thank you for booking with us.  We are looking forward to your stay.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.



CHECK IN (5:00PM-9:00PM):  Please enter the door code sent to you that will work on side of trailer.   Familiarize yourself with trailer and let us know if you have any questions.  Early Check In @ 1:00PM or 3:00PM can be requested upto 7 days prior to check in date for a pre-determined rate. Fee for late requests are increased by 50%.  You are only eligible for Early Check In after verifying property availability, cleaning staff availability, early checkin fee payment, and owner approval.

FARM EQUIPMENT, GROUNDS, & ANIMALS:  If you are interested in seeing animals, fields, or gardens let us know and we can arrange an escorted farm experience tour.  Do not approach  animals, equipment, or electric fence without an owner present. Only guests that have signed waivers and are accompanied by one of the farm owners are allowed in farm areas. Livestock guardian dog is onsite and to protect farm animals do not approach.

HOUSE RULES:  No smoking.  No pets.  No parties.  No theft. No damages.  No unregistered guests.  Respect other guests and neighbors privacy. Keep personal items in your room all common areas clean. Keep the outside doors/windows and suite/room doors locked at all times. Quiet Hours 9:00PM to 9:00AM daily.  If rules are broken, neighbors complain, other guests complain, police/fire dispatched, you could be subject to immediate eviction plus financial and legal penalties.  Breaking rules could result in loss of deposit, additional cleaning fees, replacement/repair cost, loss of full cost of reservation, property theft, and reimbursement of owners legal fees.

PARKING:  Use crushed rock parking lot in front of guest house.  Do not park or block the neighbors driveways, gates or garage doors.

COMPOST TOILET - Both men and women must sit when using toilet.  If you have never used a compost toilet you will understand quickly that the oder comes from the mixing of solids and liquids.  There is a lever on the left against the wall to drop in the solids when finished.  Immediately after solids drop use the flywheel below the lever to mix solids with compost materials.  Additional toilet paper is located in drawers, cabinets or shelves near bathroom. Do not put anything in compost toilet other then toilet paper. 
BED SETUP - Table and pole can both be removed and layed down on floor between benches. Under bench cushions you will find boards numbered 1, 2, and 3.  Place them in order between benches on railing.  Use the provided crates as additional support under boards on end closest to kitchen.  Use back support cushions on top of numbered boards.   Bedding can be found in cabinets on the right.  Pillows are in cabinet on the end.  Use rust colored sheets if you are using whole bed and flowered sheets if you are sleeping on bench without setting up bed.
Towels are located in cabinets near beds.  Shower head and bathroom sink use the same water source just carefully extend the cable to use as shower and return it to use as sink.  Shower curtain can be used to avoid getting rest of bathroom wet while showering.  Remember there is limited water so keep this in mind when showering.  Be sure to shut off blue toggle water pump toggle switch when complete. 

Kitchen essentials are found in cabinets above sink and refrigerator.  Eating utensils are in small thin cabinet to the right of refrigerator.  There should be a lighter in the kitchen to use for the stove top if needed.  Be sure to shut off blue toggle water pump toggle switch when complete.

HEATING/COOLING: In the spring, summer, and fall on cool nights you will enjoy using the ceiling fan which has two modes it will either blow out or blow in.  This will typically give you all the cooling you need if you also pop open a window while leaving the screen shut.  This creates great airflow.  If you need additional Heating/Cooling and the windows and doors are all closed you can use the HVAC unit on the ceiling between kitchen and dining room.  Please close windows and shut off HVAC if you are not in trailer.  Leaving windows or doors open with HVAC on or you are not in or nearby trailer is explicitly against house rules. 

WATER - There are about 10-15 gallons of water in the supply tank so be conservative in use throughout the day.  If you are doing a multi-day stay we will usually top it off with an additional 5 gallons each day.  Please let us know if you need more.   To turn on the water pump use the blue toggle switch located to the right of the over door.  Please turn the switch off when finished using water each time.  

OUTSIDE DOOR/WINDOWS SCREENS - Door needs to be pulled shut firmly to close properly. Leave screens shut at all times only opening/closing window sliders.  Please keep all doors and windows shut whenever you are leaving then Stargazer.

CLEANING SUPPLIES - There are some basic cleaning supplies under sink and in the closet to the left as you enter the front door.  Please use them and return them where you found them.  

SECURITY SYSTEM: Do not unplug or touch unless there is a medical, fire, or police emergency.  First responders will be immediately be dispatched.  Cameras are monitoring common areas for your protection.

WIFI:  Network and password information will be sent via text after checkin.

TV & MUSIC:  None provided

DISHWASER:  Wash and dry dishes by hand.

COMMON AREAS: Common areas are for all guests to enjoy. Please keep common areas clean and free of personal items. These areas are shared with all guests on property. Outside lights in are all on motion or dusk/dawn sensors and do not need to be shut off. They will automatically shut off on their own. Common areas include pool, garden and fire pit areas directly adjoining Guest House. There are two other private homes on 10.5 acre property please respect their privacy.

PORCH and PATIO:   There is a beautiful sunset every night I suggest you catch it with a nice glass of wine.  You won't regret it.  You are welcome to use outdoor furniture adjacent to FibreStream. We just ask you return it to where you found it when finished.

POOL/HOT TUB:  There is no lifeguard present you are responsible safety of anyone in your group. Only registered guests that have also signed waiver are allowed in pool or hot tub.  Currently only available for registered guests in Guest House not FibreStream Trailer

LAUNDRY: Hand wash and dry.

GARBAGE/RECYCLING:  Garbage is picked up every Monday and Thursday.  Recycling is picked up every Wednesday. All recycling goes in one bin together.  Yard Waste, can be stacked in fire pit South of guest house.  Garbage and Recycling bins are located beside garage of the manor house. You do not need to move bins they will be picked up in place.

COVID 19: All guests will be expected follow current CDC guidelines. Guests will be asked to wear masks in the common areas at all times to protect yourself and others. Please make sure to wash and sanitize any dishes before and after use.

GUEST DETAILS:   We need to have all adults 18 or over listed as guests that will be staying in the property.  If you booked on behalf of someone else, please respond with the name and contact numbers of all the guests in case of emergency.  Once we receive this information we will send door and WiFi codes.



We hope you are enjoying your stay. Please let us know if you would like to extend your stay or need a late check out. We will do our best to accommodate your request pending room and cleaning staff availability. Checkout is at 11:00AM on your final day. Late checkout before 2:00PM will be billed as a half day and after 2:00PM a full day. We need to prepare for new guests by 5:00PM. Please perform the following steps prior to checkout:

1) Please put all linens (sheets, bedding, towels) that were used during stay on the table.  We will pick them up after checkout to launder. 

2) Please throw away or take with you any perishable opened food or drinks. Any sealed non-perishable food left will go to future guests. Any sealed perishable food will go to local homeless shelter.

3) Please clean all used dishes and return them to where you found them in the cupboards.

4) Take out all garbage and recycling to bins North of garage. Green bins for garbage. Large blue bin paper products.  Small blue bins for glass, metal, and plastic. 

5) Straighten up area inside and outside Stargazerto leave things the way you found them.

6) Make sure lights, showers, and water faucets are off.

7) Please check the oven, stove, grill, blue water pump switch, and heating/cooling systems are all cleaned up and turned off.

8) Check area one last time for your items.

9) Make sure to check all doors windows are closed and locked. 

10) Please send a message to let us know you are out of the house. Then most importantly have a great day, a safe trip home, and come again soon.